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About Gelinas Associates

Gelinas Associates is an Orlando based publishing company. We currently owns some 300 domains which receives over a million visitors per year. In addition, we own a print publication that is distributed in the Orlando area. Until the recent inception of our first print publication, Orlando The Beautiful, we have always been an Internet based company.

Since our founding in 1989, we have changed our business name several times and was first known as, We're Your Connection. Later, primarily serving the debt and financial industrial, in 1996 it was changed to The Center For Debt Management, and in addition to our main website, Center4DebtManagement.com, at that time owned some 800 domains related to finance and many other industries.

We discontinued many of our domain holdings, which sadly we now regret, but continue to maintain some 300 domains, many of which are fully developed. Realizing that we dealt with various industries, in 2007 we elected to once again change our business name, this time to one that is more generic, Gelinas Associates.

Daniel A. Gelinas — Publisher and Editior

Dan has been a business man most of his adult life. In 1977 he managed a family owned consumer electronic store called "House of Gelinas" in his home state of New Hampshire. It later became a piano and music store. During a 12 year span of managing the store, he also developed a music school of some 350 students called The Gelinas School of Music.

In 1989 he started his very own business as noted above and has been self-employed ever since. While running his online business he became interested in puzzles, and as a result, has created hundreds of unique puzzles for his own enjoyment and as a new challenge.

In his very first attempt at designing a crossword puzzle, he set out to theme it and since then, has themed each and every one that he created. Intrigued with puzzles he started creating all kinds of puzzles and games, always attempting to work around a theme of sorts. As he began to set his puzzles and games in print format, he wanted them to be different than the standard black and white format that is common in most magazines and newspapers. Therefore he began to look for ways to graphically design his puzzles.

It was during those days that Dan first envisioned entering the magazine industry, wanting to publish his puzzles nationally (which he still hopes to achieve). The name of the publication is to be called, Puzzle Pleasure!

In 2005, Dan and his wife, Delight, moved to Orlando, Florida. In 2008, he volunteered to create a directory for his community at Moss Park Reserve. Along with designing the community directory, he envisioned a publication that would serve a much larger area; one that would provide community information and resources, and one in which he could also begin to publish his puzzles. Realizing that it was finally time to act, in essence, it was the birth of Orlando The Beautiful.

Delight Gelinas
— Executive Director

Delight is the owner of Interior's Delight, which was established over 30 years ago in the state of Wisconsin in 1978. Living in Green Bay during those days, Delight served the needs of consumers and businesses throughout the area, decorating not only residences, estate homes and offices —but even ships moored in Egg Harbor.

Delight later moved to the Boston area and continued to apply her expertise in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Serving the area for some 20 years, she worked with consumers and business owners of all income levels and budgets. Saying this, it turns out that she was in great demand by high end consumers, many of whom owned several estates in various states. As a result, she has decorated many homes throughout New England, Chicago, Naples, Palm Beach, Boca Raton & Delray Beach.

In 2005, Delight and her husband moved to Orlando, Florida. In addition to serving consumers and business in the Orlando area, she continues to travel back to Green Bay, New England, and South Florida to work with the many clients that she has acquired over the years, and who demand her design services!

With the conception of Orlando The Beautiful, Delight has proved to be a most valuable business partner and now devotes much of her time to the publication. In fact, she alone sold the concept of Orlando The Beautiful to each and every advertiser in our premiere edition. Without her hard work and unrelenting time & effort, our publication would never have become a reality. She certainly lives up to her name—and is truly a delight!

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