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Welcome to our Orlando restaurants and dining guide. Here you will find an ever expanding list of the very best restaurants in the Orlando area. It is not our objective to list all the restaurants in the Orlando area as there are over 5,000 of them. Rather, we strive to lists those that we believe offer the finest food and service. Also note that this is a developing site, therefore, as we move forward our listings will continue to expand. So please bookmark us now and check back with us whenever you are looking for a new and exciting place to dine in Orlando.

Restaurant Classifications

We have elected to divide our restaurant listings into 12 classes as indicated in the left hand navigation bar. To locate restaurants in any class, simply click on the appropriate link. The classifications are distinguished as follow:

American Restaurants: These are restaurants specializing in our good ole American foods; steaks, burgers, chicken, hot dogs, fries, etc. In many cases, they actually serve a wide variety of foods.

Italian Restaurants: While Italian restaurants would appropriately fix into our European classification, because Italian food is such a favorite, we give Italian restaurants it's own classification.

Asian Restaurants: This classification includes restaurants serving Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, Polynesian, and Mongolian food.

Latin American Restaurants: This includes restaurants that serve Mexican, Brazilian, Cuban and Caribbean food.

European Restaurants: This classification includes restaurants that serve French, Greek, Irish, Lebanese, English, Mediterranean and Moroccan food.

Seafood: While many restaurants serve seafood, this classification is reserved for those restaurants that specialize in seafood.

Pizza: This classification is designed specifically for pizza parlors.

Subs and Deli: This classification is designed for those restaurants that primarily serve subs, wraps, sandwiches, soup and salads.

Fast Food: This classification is for the major fast food chains

Coffee House: This classification includes restaurants known for serving breakfast, donuts, bagels, pastries and great coffee!

Dinner Shows: This is a special classification for establishments that include shows and entertainment as part of their dinner fare.

Fine Dining: This classification is designed only for restaurants that offer a suburb dining experience. You should expect to pay top dollar when dining at these restaurants.


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